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Official Blog: Kay Lynn Gabaldon  –   Recruiter                Samsung Media Solutions America

Kay Lynn Gabaldon, without a doubt is an exceptional recruiter! If anyone ever has the opportunity of partnering with her, know that you will be in the company of a dedicated, loyal professional who has your best interests at heart.   She was successful in building Samsung’s Media Solutions Group from the ground up, hiring and engaging in excess of 750 resources during her tenure.

Her recruitment and candidate selection practices are best of breed.   Kay Lynn Gabaldon is relentless in all of her searches and is dedicated to ensuring that she puts the right people together at the right time in the right places.   She is a rare find.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon continuously ‘filters’ candidates based upon the organization’s needs.  Kay Lynn Gabaldon is the kind of recruiter who ensures that candidate is a solid fit for the culture of the company and possesses the overall skills required to be successful in the organization.   Kay Lynn Gabaldon is incredibly down to earth, respectful, and a strong relationship builder.  She is loyal to a fault and has the highest level of integrity.

This recruiter is immensely detail oriented and never fails to follow-up with feedback and progress with each and every candidate she has in play for the roles she is recruiting against.

She is a consummate partner to her hiring managers as well as her candidates.  Kay Lynn Gabaldon takes a no nonsense approach and remains authentic, throughout the interview process.   She is the kind of recruiter who is remembered and sought after on both sides of the hiring equation.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon has received in excess of 50 written public recommendations about her work as a recruiter and business partner.   In addition, she is a published author and speaker in various domains including Philosophy, Human Resources, Cultural Arts & Humanities and Entertainment.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon, recruiter at Samsung is a rare find.

If you would like to read more from the people who have partnered with her, you are encouraged to review her professional profile on LinkedIn.

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