Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Kay Lynn Gabaldon
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Kay Lynn Gabaldon, founder of Voice on the Porch is a veteran blogger and curator of fine art photography.   Voice on the Porch is committed to showcasing and socializing best of breed artists throughout the world.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon has partnered with some of the finest creative artists in the fine art photography domain with the objective of  sharing the beauty that exists in the most remote parts of the world.  Her vision for Voice on the Porch is to instigate meaning and promote happiness to those who identify with meaningful storytelling through the lens of photography, poetry and music.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon has received in excess of 53 written public recommendations for her work as an executive in Talent Acquisition Partner in both media and technology domains. Voice on the Porch was inspired by Kay Lynn Gabaldon’s studies in art, poetry and science. She is a published author and speaker in various domains including Philosophy, Talent Acquisition, Cultural Arts, Humanities and Entertainment.

To learn more about Kay Lynn Gabaldon  you are encouraged to review her social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Blog Spot, Google Plus, Tumbler, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube, Vimeo 1x, 500px.

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