Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Kay Lynn Gabaldon
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Kay Lynn Gabaldon is a strategic Talent Acquisition executive with broad and deep experience building and scaling organizations that produce quantifiable business results. Kay has held a variety of combined strategic and tactical roles in both technology and media domains supporting both domestic and international teams. Her work as a talent expert has extended beyond the US into the EU, UK, Japan, Korea and China. Most recently, Kay Lynn partnered with Dr. Dan Greening, Managing Director at Senex Rex to develop formal agile techniques that can be incorporated into HR and Recruitment organizations that help enhance, adequately measure and rapidly execute on deliverables.

Prior to her work at Senex Rex, Kay has engaged with top brands including Samsung Media Solutions where she served as Head of Talent Acquisition, Hulu, LLC where she held the position of Director, Talent Acquisition and Senior Talent Acquisition roles within Sony Pictures,Amazon, Google, Macromedia/Adobe, Yahoo Media, Paramount Digital Media and many emerging startup ventures. She attributes her success to consistently meeting and/or exceeding her deliverables and as a result has successfully forged sustainable relationships that have transformed three-month engagements into long-term strategic partnerships.

Kay earned a dual degree in philosophy and computer science at the University of Southern California where she successfully published her first paper as an undergraduate. She has been invited to speak in both domestic and international forums on her work on the fusion of symbolic logic and computer science. In her free time, Kay can be found somewhere with her camera seeking to capture moments that tell stories through still photography. Her passions in life are people, nature and culture.

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