The Voice of Faith

Not long ago I lived in a world void of faith, bemused in loss.   Silently
walking up the tiled steps toward the Book Sale. . . Mind wondering. . .
Contemplating the mysteries of life.  Thinking. . . Why am I here?. .
Where is my beloved Truth? . . .  Hope, still alive, provided solace in
Quietly browsing through the used book stacks. . . Eyes cloudy. . . Mind
wary . . . came  a distant voice.  A familiar quietness not heard since the
death of my grandfather.   Looking up from the books, before me stood the
man who possessed the voice.  Bewildered, I purchased some books and
His voice followed me as I walked down the steps . . . Leaning into the
night. I wanted to know him.  Intuition told me he had knowledge of the
The man with the familiar voice has since given back to my life . . .meaning.
He has helped fill the void that arises in the alienation of faith.
He has shared with me, his wisdom, charity and kindness.  He has moved
me beyond the reaches of this world.  He has become my guide to
understanding this life, and my light to acknowledging the other.  With
him, the voice of the invisible, rejoices.  The voice of the man from the “Book Sale”,

Dr. Dallas Willard, theologian philosopher.

– May 17, 1998

Dallas Willard

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