The Voice of Destiny

This is the voice I listen to each and every morning.  I live its message throughout my day and it puts me to sleep every night. The voice is a constant reminder that it is not wise to sit and wait for life to happen to you.  In order to live a good life, you need to make life happen.   That said, Steve is the only business person I can think of that had the courage to speak about death publicly.  His message was powerful, it was his truth.  I am with him.

“Death is a destination; it is very likely the single best invention of life.”

Death is not something to be frightened of or not think about.  At the point of death we lose our body, the means of communication and experience.  I try to focus my intentions on the final experience, the dying experience.

There is a certainty in my mind, that I have traveled here before and it is my belief that it is a continuum.  I am confident that my final experience this time around will be filled with calm and a deeper understanding and knowledge of the concept Faith. Why? I re-cognized it and attended to it accordingly.

Here’s a big thank you to one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Steve Jobs.  You did it!  You made a dent in the universe.

– August 19, 2013


Kay Lynn Gabaldon

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