The Voice of Power

When the noise in the mind gets a little loud, drown it out with music!

Power as we know it is a string of code, a stream from each node.  Beings that fail to believe they wield the power to achieve how we mold, lack power. We hold the frequency, everything living can influence the inference of how the vision is, literally.

Power is the fundamental understanding of who we are, why we are here and how we want to be remembered.  Power requires strength in the ability to accept reality, yours and everything that exists in general.

At times, and for the right reason anyone can become frustrated and resist reality.  Feeling and expressing resistance inside/out is easy.  This is not power, it is anger.

To execute on the right anything at the right time and in the right way in silence, is power.

Recognizing and accepting when to give up, does not imply weakness.  It means you possess the power to let it go.

There is no greater sensation than discovering the power within, it changes everything.

– October 6, 2013
Compostion By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Soul Power

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