It’s Complicated


Maîtres du moment

You act crazy.
You can’t sleep.
You cannot concentrate.
Your family freaks out!
Your pets get upset.
Your friends feel neglected.
You have unbounded energy.
Your whole world changes for the better.
You find yourself seeing only the good in everything.

There are times when we fall in love and love isn’t reciprocated.
As challenging as it may seem, don’t get angry, depressed or feel failure.
You fell in love for a reason and it changed you.
You would have never had the experience of love absent the presence of it in your life.
This is a time to give thanks, because love itself isn’t complicated, people are.

Never, ever give up on love.
– Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Composition By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon
July 24, 2013

Featured Images:
“What the … | Mieka Bee

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“When Love Takes Over” | David Guetta – Kelly Rowland


What The...  Mieke Bee

What The… Mieke Bee

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