Women In Technology

Women In Technology:  Who are we?

“We are people, focused on enhancing the universe.
We thrive on change. We strive to build.
We create, and pro-create with passion and with pleasure.

We embrace our individuality; it’s what sets us apart from the masses.
We’re often misunderstood, because we are strong,
smart, and passionate, yet humble in our approach.

We’re not easily impressed.
We’re not interested in folly.
We love the mind.
We respect the body.

Our quiet, humble demeanor can be misleading;
because when pushed, we are fierce competitors.
We can be, and often are, disruptive.

While we’re fairly new to the game;
we can’t and don’t anticipate parity.
We are forced to practice constraint in the expression
of human emotion; it doesn’t come with the territory.

Women in technology, seek results not sympathy.
We seek to find solutions, and in doing so we
draw attention to antiquated institutional beliefs.
We understand that progress takes time but we are women
and by nature we are creatures of patience.

We are, ‘Women in Technology’, we remain and
will always be, creators of the human race.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon

-October 10, 2013

Featured Image:   “There, behind the clouds…”  Vladimir Poleschuk
Featured Music:  “Safe From Harm”  Massive Attack


"There, behind the clouds.."  Vladimir Poleschuk

“There, behind the clouds..”               Vladimir Poleschuk

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