To Stand Up with Grace


We all have a few pivotal experiences in life that change the course of our thoughts and actions.
These moments crystalize in our mind and are ever present.
They mark an event we remember every year for the rest of our lives.

There comes a time when a deep intrinsic voice inside of us emerges to defend who we are
from the depths of our being.  It is the voice of prudence.
Prudence coupled with grace takes over for patience when we have been
pushed against a wall.  It is the deep fight or flight mechanism that emerges and
gives us the courage to stand up and defend ourselves in the face of danger.

When prudence takes over the victim present inside us all ceases when
we stand up in opposition of anything that oppresses or intimidates us.
Something powerfully intrinsic happens when the courage to no longer be silent awakens
within us and we are compelled to confront our problems rather than cower to them.
The things that torment us thrive on our hushed fears and insecurities and they are
made powerless by a resilient voice; an inner voice that says…
“No More!”

Composition by:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Featured Image:  “Jaisalmer” Lou Urlings

"Jaisalmer" Lou Urlings

Lou Urlings

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