Sea Of Life



“This is not the end, my friend.
Just as the ocean sings songs to infinity
Our friendship too will flow onward
Until the day one of us
Turns and leaves
And the seasons will turn too
As our shells
As they return back to sand
And the tides that brought us
Will take us back

 I will never leave you, my friend.
Every time you see a wave rushing to
Meet another,
Two friends unite.
Every time you see a wave crashing,
Two friends depart.
The journey will go on, my friend.
Our memories are recorded
In seashells
To show and tell
The lessons learned
In these heavens and hells
Part of this sea of life –
And when the tide is right,
We shall cross paths again
When the ocean sings our song.”
– Suzy Kassem


Composition By:
Kay Lynn Gabaldon


October, 2015

Featured Image:
“Wave Driver”
Alper Uke


Wave Driver Alper Uke

“Wave Driver”    Alper Uke

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