The Heart

To follow your heart


“People link the heart to stupidity. They say the heart wants what it wants; it is foolish and driven.
They play the victim and blame their emotions for every pain they suffer. The truth is that we own our body.
Therefore we own our heart and it will feel whatever we attract to it.
Be certain that the heart you call stupid has greater sense of intuition than brilliant minds combined.
It aches, dreams, hates, loves independently; while the rest of your body awaits signals from the brain to function.
The heart is the
 lighthouse that guides all our senses and it is the essence of our humanity.
That is why when they say “follow your heart” it is never easy; because by doing so you’ve made a choice
to follow a natural in-explainable genius that is beyond your comprehension.”


Composition By:
Kay Lynn Gabaldon


Follow Your Heart-2

Whispering Sunset      Kay Lynn Gabaldon


Featured Image:
Whispering Sunset
Kay Lynn Gabaldon

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