My Leica Travels

This summer I traveled to Iceland’s Jokulsarlon lagoon — famous for its beautiful icebergs. In addition to the splendor of the lagoon as the tides go out they pull these beautiful glass-like icebergs out of the lagoon where they wash ashore on a nearby black-sand beach. This spectacular  combination attracts photographers like moths to a flame.

I visited Jokulsarlon both late at night and again early in the morning.  In the evening hours I found the beach too crowded to be able to easily photograph the icebergs. Early morning, the beaches were fairly empty and the light was fantastic. This gave me time to explore the many glass-like sculptures and create compositions that I found pleasing with pristine sand.  The contrast of the black sand and the jewel like icebergs combined with the lovely shapes formed by the water were mesmerizing.

During the summer it is daylight all the time…

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