…The quiet side of the storm

“On an impulse he went into the room and stood before the window, pushing
aside the sheer curtain to watch the clouds, now nearly eight inches high on
the lampposts and the fences and the roofs. It was the sort of storm that rarely
happened in Lexington, and the dense black clouds, the silence, filled him with a
sense of excitement and peace. It was a moment when all the disparate
shards of his life seemed to knit themselves together, every past sadness and
disappointment, every anxious secret and uncertainty hidden now beneath
the soft white layers of the storm. Tomorrow would be quiet, the world subdued
and fragile, until the neighborhood children came out to break the stillness with
their tracks and shouts and joy. He remembered such days from his own
childhood in the flatland’s, rare moments of escape when he went into the
fields, his breathing amplified and his voice somehow muffled by the heavy light
from the sun that glistened between the branches and, drifted over paths.
The world, for a few short hours, transformed.”
– Kim Edwards

Featured Image:
The Coming Storm
Chad Gilbert

The Coming Storm Chad Gilbert

The Coming Storm
Chad Gilbert

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