Voice of the Whale

…Everything in the Universe interconnected


“As human beings, we have gone from genes, to rains, to books.
Whales have allowed us a way to consider the possibilities of intelligence outside of the human,
to create a not entirely human-centric narrative of intellect; we then close with extraterrestrial life,
and how it might help us as a species to try and communicate on our own planet
before we must communicate with intelligence’s from vastly different worlds.
Without the whales at the beginning, that circularity wouldn’t function the way that it does,
and the inter-connectedness of life on this planet wouldn’t have been made so very clear.”
– Carl Sagan


Featured Image:
“Freakin Whale”
Eric Stoliker

Composition by:
Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Freakin Whale By: Eric Stoliker

Freakin Whale
By: Eric Stoliker

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