…Recollection of eternity

 The moon holds the light
And the moon’s this spinning globe
Shedding light upon the road
The bird won’t fly
And a bird without its wings is a low and tragic thing 

We are ghosts
We are ghosts amongst these hills
From the trees of velvet green
To the ground beneath our feet
We are ghosts amongst these hills
Pressing out along the shore

The mountain song
That is now the thoughts of thirds
And it’s only to be heard
And though I’m gone
I will come again in spring
When the harvest can begin
We are ghosts

– Florence Leontine Mary Welch, Isabella Janet Florentina Summers



Featured Image:
Vik rocks in colors
Julien Oncete

Composition by:
Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Vik rocks in colors
By: Julien Oncete

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