A short story about a frightened young girl and the man who changed her life.

Composition By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Sometimes people appear in our lives, and in a blink of an eye they’re gone.    Everything changes except the thought of them… 

He appeared into her life unannounced and unexpected.   In an instant, the heaviness she carried in her heart was lifted.  The winds of change were conceived.

For her, it was a collision of physical energy in its purest form, realized.  There was something deep inside of him she recognized; something so familiar yet so far away.  She wanted to know him but realized she was not ready.   She had to find herself first.    It was in a blink of an eye, he was gone.

Unbeknownst to her, the collision of energy occurred for a reason.

She had something to learn and he had something to do.
– Circa 1989

Sometimes people appear in the seasons of our lives for a specific purpose.  In some cases, everything changes except the thought of them… 

The years seemed to pass in a blink of an eye.  One quiet evening, she found herself reflecting on her past.
Contemplating how she evolved, brought back a memory of the man who showed her something different.

One morning she woke up to a familiar feeling, it was the memory of his voice.   It breathed deep into her soul.  He entered her thoughts unannounced and unexpected.   Like a gale-force wind his energy took over.   She had to find him.

When she found him, she experienced a sense of calm not felt since his departure.  It was as if he had always been there, all she had to do was open her heart.

For two years, she felt the distant sound of his voice breathing in and out of her thoughts.  She occasionally peaked into his soul feeling the power of his energy’s spin.  He was as she remembered, someone so complicated yet so familiar.

The season’s progressed with countless moments of reflection.  She came to understand that he was the only man she ever truly trusted. He was the only man who had the ability to make her feel safe.  He was the only man she truly respected, other than her father.   She knew now that in her deepest hours of despair, it was him whom she would turn to for refuge.    She knew now, why they met.  He was brought to save her from herself.  He showed her the light and he let her go.

One evening feeling like the frightened girl he knew from the past, she felt compelled to peak into the window of his soul again.  This time it was quiet.   The energy felt heavy and his voice softened.  She was determined to feel him smile again.  She decided it was time to thank him and found the courage to engage.

You are unforgettable….you came in and out of my life like a blink of an eye…you inspired me….you helped give me the strength to change my life. Thank you for that my lovely friend from the past.
– November 5, 2012

He responded…
…you are the kindest girl with warmest heart & more.
– November 5, 2012

In the year following the quiet interaction, a sense of calm took over and cerebral intimacy was met.  Somehow in finding him, she found herself, all the while knowing…

She would always have something to learn and he would always have something to do.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon
-September 29, 2013

Nicole - Schooner Darrow

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