The Voice of Love

Composition by:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Love is change
Love is painful because it is comprised of change.  Change pushes us into uncharted waters.  When change takes over, the mind is useless as it cannot function absent history.

Love is fear
Change provokes fear.  It forces us into the realm of the unknown.   Fear provokes insecurity because change moves us from individuality to totality.   The agony is deep.
Accept it!

Love is fire 
One cannot experience ecstasy but through the firey agony of change.   Similarly the purification of gold, requires passing through the fire.
To suffer in love is creative; it takes us to higher levels of consciousness.  It forces acknowledgement of the other.

Love is reflection
Some of us believe we know ourselves and that’s all that matters.  But, how much can we know ourselves if we haven’t known the other?
Knowing ourselves requires existance of the other.   Why?  Because the other functions as the mirror that reveals our reflection.   The two constituents establish the relationship.

Love is a relationship
Relationship acts as the mirror and provokes vulnerability.  The purer the love, the clearer the reflection.

Love is vulnerable
Vulnerability requires us to drop our guard and releases the calculating mind.  Vulnerability requires risk.  Risk provokes apprehension.
Why?   The other can hurt us; this is the fear in becoming vulnerable.   The other can reject us; this is the fear of falling in love.  The self  becomes defensive and the other invites challenge.

Love is challenge
Challenge provokes angst because the reflection we discover in the other, directly affects self perception.  Its image is often ugly.    But, if we avoid the mirror we cannot become beautiful.
Avoiding the situation affects our capacity to grow. Therefore, challenge is necessary.

Love is a journey
Love is a journey.  Totality is the destination.   Love is the first step in the journey toward totality.    When our presence accepts the existence of the other, we emerge from a closed reality and find ourselves in an open sky.

Love is an open sky
To be in love is to be on the wing in the open sky.  The unbounded sky is sure to create anxiety.   This is because love requires elimination of the ego.   Lack of ego provokes suffering.
Why?  Because cultivation of the ego is a part of our life’s work.  It is everything we’ve created.

Love is presence
The idea that we are separate from our existence is a fallacy.  The truth is that being cannot exist absent the presence of the other.   The fusion creates the whole.
The whole penetrates us, it breathes in us, pulsates in us; the whole encompasses life.

Love is pain
Yes, love is painful.     Don’t avoid it!    If you avoid it you’ve avoided the greatest opportunity to grow.
Lean into love, suffer love’s agony, because through the pain of agony, ecstasy is born.
Embrace it!

Walk through the dark night, and you’ll reach a beautiful sunrise.   It exists in the womb of the dark night where the sun evolves.   It is only through the dark night that the morning comes and you are free.

Love is the way.

– October 4, 2013

child of the universe

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