Softly As I Leave You

Voice of  the ‘Soft Light’


A man was dying and his wife was sitting by his bedside
and she been sitting up with him for three days and nights

And somewhere in the third day between midnight and day she lay down
her side and goes off to sleep, and he felt her when she goes off to sleep.

And at the same time he felt himself start to die
he took his notepad from the side of the bed.
And he wrote:

I will leave you
For my heart would break
If you should wake
And see me go

So I leave you
Long before you miss me
Long before your arms
Can beg me stay
For one more hour
Or one more day

After all the years
I can’t bear the tears
To fall
So softly
I’ll leave you there.
– Jan Keizer

Author:  Jan Keizer
Master Image:  Jan Keizer
Composition By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Softly As I Leave You

“Softly As I Leave You” – Jan Keizer

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