Book Eight

Book Eight

There is a spark within everything.
It is a living light in the eyes of a person.
It brings to the fore a distant memory of a passion, which was never declared.
A face always tells more than it knows, which is why photography
is never a mere reproduction of what is.

A masterpiece of art tells a story of what was, why it might have been
or what is waiting painfully beneath the surface.

– Maîtres du moment

Composition By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Music:  Prelude (Final Fantasy Series) | Nobuo Uematso

Featured Image:  “White Witch Awakening” | Miss Aniela

Photographers Credits:
Miss Aniela
Sylwia Makris
Kristen Marie
Elena Savochikina


“White Witch Awakening” | Shoot for Nikon Miss Aniela

“White Witch Awakening” | Shoot for Nikon
Miss Aniela

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