Today is all we have

Maîtres du moment

Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a promise, but today;
today is all we have, it is concrete and it is real.

Each morning we are awakened to the call of today.
Yet much of our attention tends to be focused on the 
promise of tomorrow and/or the memory of yesterday.

What would our lives look like if each of us took time to acknowledge today?
A moment spent with today, is a moment spent in communion with nature.

Acknowledging that the today is all we have, may very well enhance our day,
become the best memory of yesterday and prepare us for a better tomorrow.

Compositon By:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon
Music Composition:  “8 Ball” | Underworld

Featured Image:   Göreme Cappadocia Turkey | Pam Russell

Contributing Photographers:

Tray Ratcliff
New Zealand Adventure

Light Ning-X3
The Desert Roseds
China 2011 – A Great Wall At Sunset

Mountain Range | Raimund Matros
Sunrise Over Playa Vista | Kay Gabaldon
Alone | Jon Gwyther
A Valley Wakes Up In The Sound Of Fall Tower | David Henrot
Bryce Glow | Torrey McNeal
Lila Moon | Belga Tarkhani
Morning Has Broken | Dan Stone
Summer | Maximilian Gibas
You Know What They Say | Ryan Zeigler

Göreme Cappadocia Turkey Pam Russell

Göreme Cappadocia Turkey | Pam Russell

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