To Stay Autumn

Catching the Light

Autumn is the journey we take in preparation for introspection
and gratitude, making room for what is to come.
Autumn’s journey to winter allows us the opportunity to bid farewell
to unfortunate experiences and people who do not belong in our story.
It prepares us for the promise of the seasons to come.

And then comes Winter, the time of year we spend indoors,
surrounded by family and close friends.
Winter allows us the opportunity to put things in perspective
with the support of those who love and truly care about us.

Winter is the time we use to prepare for Spring, the time when life blooms again
– gifting us with new found hope, courage and drive to create something
wonderful in our lives and then give it back to others.
– Kay Lynn Gabaldon


“To Stay Autumn” Leszek Paradowski

“To Stay Autumn”
Leszek Paradowski


Featured Image:

To Stay Autumn”
Leszek Paradowski

Composition by:  Kay Lynn Gabaldon

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